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Gilbert George DENNING

1881 census
Ham Buildings, Radstock, Somerset, England
PRO RG11 Piece/Folio 2429/57 Page 5
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
John DENNING Head M Male 36 Radstock, Somerset, England Coal Miner
Elizabeth DENNING Wife M Female 34 Radstock, Somerset, England
Albert DENNING Son U Male 10 Radstock, Somerset, England Scholar
Edwin DENNING Son U Male 7 Radstock, Somerset, England Scholar
Walter DENNING Son U Male 5 Radstock, Somerset, England Scholar
Gilbert DENNING Son U Male 2 Radstock, Somerset, England

Ada Sophia BARTER

BMD Marriage record
Marriages Mar 1902
Barter Ada Sophia Clutton 5c 847
Denning Gilbert George Clutton 5c 847
Perry Ann Clutton 5c 847

Esther Gladys HOLDING

from GR Graham Donoghue 2.8.2008
Also known as Jack


from GR Graham Donoghue 2.8.2008
GUNNER G.H.CHARI,ESWORTH Active duty record taken from Official Diaries At the royal Artillary - Arsenal , Woolwich. Gunner Charlesworth fought in an M10 Sherman SP1716 Tank with a thin turret and thin armored open top - this tank would stop bullets but not shells. He was in the UK most of his service, and sometimes due to ill health, but was always part of the Anti Tank Regiments. He served under Col. Perry and Major Gooch all over east France for his active service. On 1st June 1944 he was posted to the 73rd Anti Tank Regiment, RA and remained along the Solent in Hants until they headed towards France. They arrived in France on D Day 6th June 1944 at Nonant at about 11:00AM They were headed eastwards and then on 7th 1944 at about 02:00 AM they had a very near miss with a torpedo and it was only by a few yards. Between 7-00am and 12 noon on same day 1/2 of Lt. Col. Perry`s men drowned, swamped by rising tide and everything had to be abandoned. They continued heading further east and then were established in the field at Crepong for repairs on 15th June 1944 and then continued eastwards in France for a total of four months. Finally being discharged as permanently unfit for any form of military service on 17 Apr 1945.